“Life is a messy, imperfect and brilliant work of art, crafted from grit and grime, overflowing in apology and forgiveness.”


Vigilance & Mercy

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“Jesua’s presence is a testimonial in itself. In dedicating her life to love, to truth, to awakening, she is the walking, breathing, giving extension of that commitment.

When she shines her light on you, you know you have been seen in the truth of your being. This alone is profoundly powerful for anyone who is ready for that ultimate kind of healing.”

~ Toni~ intuitive, teacher & poet, Fort Bragg, CA


“Jesua emanates pure and unconditional love, holding sacred space for deep healing and transformation to occur.  She speaks and lives her truth, guiding and encouraging me to do the same.  Her inquires have allowed me to see and discover my own truth, to listen and hear the guidance of my own true voice, as she holds the container with love and compassion for my unfoldment.  It’s an honor and a blessing to be in her vast and loving presence.”

~Tamara, hospice nurse, Mill Valley, CA

“Jesua is a truly extraordinary woman— a bright shining star, leading the way Home. She writes as she lives: with clarity, intelligence and humor…”

~ Gangaji, international spiritual teacher & author