“Our pain is not a sign that we are weak or flawed. Our pain is a sign that we are paying close attention in painful times. Your willingness to grieve, to truly meet your fear, to heal your heart open wider, is a courageous act of faith and responsibility. Your suffering and mine, when consciously tended to, leads the way to deeper freedom for us all.” ~ Jesua

Ceremonial Immersions & Retreats

This is a custom 1-5 day container designed for an individual, couple, family, or group who wishes to come together, at a mutually agreed upon location**, to engage co-creatively in a potent exploration of evolution, awakening, and healing. 

Sometimes what’s called for is more than what can be accomplished in a single therapeutic session. Sometimes what’s yearned for is an in-depth, catalytic immersion, an opportunity to retreat fully from the thrust and demands of our daily lives, from the many identities and roles we maintain.

What a gift and privilege it is to have a safe container and a holy chunk of time to go deep within, to be still and to truly listen, so we might discover and powerfully choose the insights, directives and life-changing visions our hearts and souls are calling for.

Jesua brings decades of experience as a skilled counselor, spiritual mentor, medicine woman and ceremonialist towards co-creating a retreat specifically designed to address whatever burning questions, growing edges, intentions and desires are most present within you, your family or group.

Using the immeasurable power of prayer, silence interwoven with music, Satsang, holy sacraments, and shamanic energy medicine, this kind of intensive beckons next-level coherence, self-honesty, self-intimacy, awakening and evolution.

NOTE: These immersions include an in-depth preparatory process, as well as a follow-up integration process following our intensive. This work is not suitable for everyone, and so great care is given to discerning whether it is aligned. 

**Jesua is available to travel to a great number of locations, in order to be able to bring this work to you.