Embody Love LLC, is the business vehicle through which Jesua offers her online classes and mentoring services.

Embody Love Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) currently headquartered in Ashland, Oregon. Embody Love Foundation serves the truth of universal love, nurturing widespread realization and embodiment of this love.

Among other services, our Veteran Program provides access to leading-edge, trauma-informed healing modalities for U.S. Veterans seeking essential healing resolution and freedom from the impact of significant life trauma.

For more information on how to offer a tax-deductible donation to Embody Love Foundation, please contact [email protected] 

“Jesua is a luminous being filled with divine intention. She has an accumulation of wisdom teachings and skills to help illuminate the path of the soul that has been temporarily blinded by consensus reality. She is all about waking up to what is true.”

—Ron Nadeau, shamanic healer, teacher of ACIM, and musician, Fort Bragg, CA


“Jesua is an angel who has come to re-teach us the ways of light and love. It is an honor to be in her midst. Nothing else compares.”

—Caitlin Naramore, fempreneur and writer, Brooklyn, NY


Jesua is a truly extraordinary woman—a bright shining star, leading the way home. She teaches as she lives: with clarity, intelligence heart and humor…”

Gangaji, world-renowned spiritual teacher and author