About Jesua:

A lifelong mystic, shamanic healer and spiritual mentor, a writer and a devoted mother of two, for decades Jesua has empowered individuals, couples, families, and communities towards awakening, healing, and thriving in greater service.

Informed early in life by the humbling lessons of life-threatening illness and disability, Jesua was intimately schooled in humility and empathy. From her dance with disease, she learned to turn to the Great Mystery for solace. She became an imaginer, a questioner, a dreamer, a listener, a seer, a truth-teller.

Her path of personal suffering and a profound prayer for peace led to the direct realization of what cannot be lost or broken; this which is inherently free and found, home and whole within us all.

Jesua is passionate about the holy work of continuous awakening. She is always examining the reality of what it takes to be true to what we’ve realized; what it takes to live radically honest and generous lives of truth and love. 

In all the roles she plays, Jesua extends a wholehearted invitation to courageously meet what’s here, to open even wider, to tell the truth, and to live as revolutionary love, moment by moment.

It is her joy and honor to welcome others home to their own discovery of undeniable stillness, self-love, integrity and fulfillment.

Education, Training, & Initiation:

Jesua received her B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College in NY, where she was fortunate to study writing, modern dance, philosophy, religion and psychology with celebrated teachers and authors.

After college, she dove into years of rigorous training in various healing arts. She attended a residential Holistic Health Practitioner program in the remote hills of Northern California, where she became certified in several forms of bodywork and energy medicine.

In her early twenties, Jesua met her spiritual teacher, Gangaji. As Gangaji’s assistant and personal healer for five years, Jesua received invaluable private mentoring traveling the world by her side. To this day, Gangaji’s masterful clarity, love, and stunning example are inseparable from Jesua’s life and work. 

In her thirties Jesua became immersed in the study and practice of different indigenous traditions. She was initiated as a Mesa Carrier by the Q’ero shamans of Peru, and entrusted as a skilled leader in both Huichol and Lakota ceremonial traditions.

In this blending of spiritual influences, Jesua’s work weaves together the non-dual teachings of radical inclusivity with the “Red Road” way of eternally relevant shamanic wisdom.

The path of motherhood, and particularly single motherhood, has been one of Jesua’s truest teachers. More than any other path, it is here, in this tender, rigorous, relational “mess” of everyday loving, that she is required to tell the truth, walk her talk, and uncover copious amounts of self-compassion and self-forgiveness! 

As a writer and speaker, Jesua loves to share relatable, personal stories that ring with universal, transformational, and timely themes—stories of resiliency, of falling apart to rise anew; stories of grief and gratitude; trust, generosity, surrender, and forgiveness.

Her articles have been featured abundantly on the Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Brother David Steindl-Rast’s site, Gratefulness.org, and Oasis Magazine at Gangaji.org.

Jesua currently lives with her two children, and their two beloved pups, surrounded by cedars, firs and oaks in the hills of Ashland, Oregon.