I’m here to support you

in coming home

to the simplicity of stillness

and  the sobriety of self-love.



Only Silence

ONLY SILENCE Love, but not love for a reason. Love for this Silence...

Into The Arms Of The Holy

Into The Arms of The Holy Oh leaning back, leaning all the way back,...

Love Will Not Wait

LOVE WILL NOT WAIT I’ve got news for you: you will never be good...


The Simple, Perfect Wisdom of “Help”

“Help” is one of my most favorite prayers. When we can find our way...

Vigilance of Self-Love

When I map my own path of self-love, I can see how much of it has...

Opening to the Bad Dream, while Ushering Forth the Good One

At the top of my extremely short list of what I’ve absolutely loved...


The Pleasure of Stopping~ A Simple, Daily Way to Tend to Our Mental Health

The Pleasure of Stopping ~ A Simple, Daily Way to Tend to Our Mental...

Seeing Our Unconscious Commitment to Suffering

In this video Jesua explores the powerful process by which we can...

“When we are no longer looking to life, or to others, or to our work, or to ‘enlightenment’ to give us whatever it is we imagine we are missing, then we can serve as a beacon of what’s already whole, already found, already home within us all. 

“Vigilance is our return to the flame of our deeper intent—to come home, to rest, to belong to ourselves, to be claimed by love.



Here, without a single thought, or duty or shred of significance— we are enough, we are worthy, we are sacred, and we belong.”


  • Intuitive Reading & Reflection   
  • Wholehearted Presence 
  • Catalytic Discernment & Truth-telling
  • Cultivating Stillness & Self-love
  • Releasing Personal, Familial & Collective Trauma
  • Summoning Self-honesty & Self-respect 
  • Fostering Forgiveness & Freedom

When we receive true support for meeting ourselves as we are, profound self-embrace and freedom can be realized.

“Jesua’s presence is a testimonial in itself. In dedicating her life to love, to truth, to awakening, she is the walking, breathing, giving extension of that commitment.

When she shines her light on you, you know you have been seen in the truth of your being.

Toni, intuitive, teacher & poet, Fort Bragg, CA

“When I am looking for sober clarity and sweet inspiration, I turn to Jesua.

She breaks open my heart; illuminating how every moment, no matter how difficult, is fodder for growth, part of our holy human curriculum.

Jesua is a teacher for this modern era, a guide for these troubling times when we must ask ourselves how to live an awakened life in the midst of so much that seems to be going wrong.”

—Sylvia Benito, wealth manager, author and medicine woman, Miami, FL


“Jesua is a truly extraordinary woman a bright shining star, leading the way Home. She teaches as she lives: with clarity, intelligence, heart and humor…”

— Gangaji, world-renowned spiritual teacher and author


Choosing a Marriage to Truth

A 12 Week Intimate Council For Women

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  • Weekly 2 1/2 hr Satsang/Group Mentoring with Jesua
  • Inspiring Videos & Assignments
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  • Private 1:1 Depth Mentoring with Jesua 

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Conception Curiosity~ A Love Story

Conception Curiosity~ A Love Story

The other day as I was driving my son Ezra (10) up to Mt. Ashland for an afternoon of snowboarding with his friends, a most astonishing conversation arose between us, one that merits being recorded and properly honored in this way I love to with written words.   We...

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The Potent Gem of “I Love Myself”

The Potent Gem of “I Love Myself”

Last night before bedtime my kids and I had the sweet treat of communing in our hot tub under the starlight and moonshine. It was an absolutely beautiful moment. I love it when all of us are relaxed and open-hearted together at the same time. In that shimmering warmth...

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The Revolutionary Choosing of Love

The Revolutionary Choosing of Love

These last couple of weeks, on more than one occasion, I’ve lost track of love. The pain of collective trauma has ached in my chest. My hands have felt small and my voice weak as I’ve fumbled my way towards prayer. Perhaps “disheartened” would be the word. As reports...

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