The Deepest Calling In Relationship

Aug 7, 2015 | Musings From A Prayerful Heart


Relationship, in all its many forms, is sacred, exquisite, essential, mysterious~ and oftentimes messy, troubled, loaded and charged. 

Whether we are married or single, wishing to be free of a partnership that has run its course, or actively calling a partnership in; whether we are delightfully dating, waiting for love, or exhausted by the search; whether we are monogamous or polyamorous, happily or unhappily sexually active, desperately wishing for sex, simply and honestly disinterested in sex, or deliberately celibate; whether our parents are still alive or have passed, and whether we have children or are childless; whether we have a vast social network of friendships, peers, teachers, students, clients, healers, patients, bosses, co-workers or employees, or whether we find ourselves mostly alone, with very few people in our lives~ regardless, the opportunity in relationship, for all of us, is the same: to discover the deepest calling that all relationship is reflecting, revealing, invoking and inviting, and to be true to this call. 

Relationship has something deeper for us than what we tend to look to it for.
Deeper than needing anyone to give us anything, and deeper than our need to feel valuable to any other; deeper than our need to be loving, or feel we are loved; deeper than our yearning to feel seen and worthy and wanted; deeper than our desire to feel safe and connected, needing and needed, to hold and be held; deeper than our wish to feel powerful and successful; deeper than our longing to be met by another in the fullest way; deeper than our desire to be useful or talented, to be good, kind, helpful and caring; deeper than our wish to be sexy, juicy, attractive and exciting, desired and desirous; deeper than the fulfillment of bringing joy and pleasure, and deeper than our love for orgasm; deeper than the way we look to community, to who we know and who we want to know and be known by, fixating on our place in the herd; deeper than our want to be rescued and healed, to provide or be provided for; deeper than our resentment of others needs and expectations; deeper than our story of loneliness or martyrdom, fault or blame, stagnation, frustration, jealousy and possessiveness; deeper than our identification with all the roles we play~ as parents and children, husbands and wives, ex-husbands and ex-wives, lovers and healers, sisters and brothers, friends and companions, providers and teachers and students, presidents and CEO’s, assistants and servants, artists and seekers; deeper than our greatest suffering and greatest joy in relationship, there is a calling waiting to be discovered, that which ALL relationship, at the core, is in service of.

That calling is to discover the deepest Truth of who you are; who one is. In order to discover this, we have to exhaust, at least for one full instant, all the rest of what we look to relationship for. We have to be curious about what could possibly be deeper than all we engage in relationally. In this supreme discovery there is a possibility of realizing our own wholeness, our freedom and joy: simply in Being. There is a chance to come all the way home to this LOVE we are, and to discover in this, regardless of all relationship or lack of relationship, we are already beyond loveable and worthy, not for anything we do or give or take or transmit or deliver, and in spite of all our shortcomings, limitations and mistakes. We can discover we are already more than fulfilled and met, inside the vast embrace of our own exquisite love. We can come home to this if we choose, and rest with the Beloved within.

From this place, of not needing any relationship or role we play to give us anything, we can revel in the mysterious design which allows Oneself to show up as many, and bow with awe in the face of such truly wondrous, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, multi-talented and gifted forms of countless individuals incarnate! We can open to receive the great meeting that happens, through so many different relational flavors, and in this great diversity of roles we play. We can choose to meet Self to Self, wholeness to wholeness, heart to heart, consciousness to consciousness, love to love.

We can choose to rise to the occasion of the deliciousness, the exquisite sobriety, and the sacred responsibility of True Relationship; personal and impersonal, intimate, collective and universal, alongside our essential aloneness, and cherish our mysterious time together in form, in spirit, in life.

Then, oh then, a great opportunity for true relating arises, with all whom we meet. Nothing to get or be gotten; nothing to sell or be sold, nothing to want or be wanted for; love takes care of it all. Love takes care of it all. 

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