Telling the Truth, Word by Word

A Six-Week Writing Group


Weekly Scheduled Group Calls:

Our Wednesday 1.5-2 Hour Zoom meetings will follow the loosely outlined curriculum of topics while allowing for what’s present and alive in the space to guide us.

This will be a space for us to explore the potent interface between the mystery and the word. In these weekly meetings, we will sit in stillness, we will write, we will read and share as we are called, and I’ll be available to serve in conscious dialogue and reflection where this is desired.

This will be an intimate group in which we can share our growing edges, our questions, our prayers, our self-honesty, our stillness, our surrender.

*All Group Meetings will be recorded in case you aren’t able to attend live.

Weekly Optional Writing Prompts, Exercises & Assignments

Every week you’ll receive an email with gentle guidance and suggested writing prompts from me…  in support of inspiration and surrender to the muse!

Private Facebook Community Group

Share your daily insights, breakthroughs, revelations, and writing! 

Let yourself be seen, witnessed, held, celebrated, and supported.

I’ll be checking this group daily and contributing as I’m called.

Private 1:1 Mentoring with Jesua:

Our six-week group includes 60 min of private mentoring with me….Yay! I love meeting with people 1:1.

You’re welcome to use the 60 min all in one session or to break it up into two 30 min sessions.

We can use this time however you like! To look at your writing together, or for you to receive support around any number of pieces… from psycho-spiritual, to inter-generational, to muse-related, or shamanic.

I’m honored to tend to whatever ways you are calling for additional support, deepening, and ripening.

For those of you who wish to receive additional private coaching, holding, and mirroring during this 6-week container, you are welcome to purchase additional sessions at a discounted rate, as my schedule allows.

All Private Sessions Can be Recorded.