Choosing a Marriage to Truth

A 12 Week Live Master class For Women

Next Cohort begins September 19th, 2021 

DISCERNMENT.                SOBRIETY.                  VIGILANCE.              EQUANIMITY.                DEVOTION.                SELF-LOVE.

Who is this Master class designed for?

SOVEREIGN: Choosing a Marriage to Truth, the 12 week Master Class is for women who are craving a mature, dynamic, catalytic wisdom council dedicated to spiritual deepening, soul ripening and stunning embodiment of who you truly are.

This container is designed to cultivate intimacy with our inherent stillness, presence, wholeness and belonging, while unhooking habituated tendencies of self-betrayal and self-deceit, and liberating patterns of unnecessary suffering.

We will beckon newfound levels of relational discernment and emotional sobriety, in service of deepening self-respect, self-trust, and self-love.

Interested?? Let's Set up a 20 min discovery Call!

Because this course is limited to only 12 women, I will be meeting applicants first, so we can connect

and make sure it’s a good fit…   

What Sovereign Particpants Are Saying…

“This course is fundamental for anyone longing to do a deep dive into relinquishing what no longer serves….

After weeks of being immersed in these teachings, I’m learning to live at the fulcrum of stillness and equanimity, and to surrender…”

“Being in Jesua’s presence, is itself, a transmission. Her guidance has been absolutely vital in my healing and awakening journey.”

SOVEREIGN is a sacred journey, artfully crafted to reveal the inner workings of your mind as well as the deepest longings of your Soul….”

“Each video is a captivating transmission sourced from a strong well of wisdom.”

“Jesua’s loving and skillful support through group meetings and private sessions invites you even closer toward Truth,

offering a safe space to be witnessed and guided on your individual quest while supporting and connecting with others on theirs…”

“SOVEREIGN is unlike any other online offering, it is very magical, profoundly personal, and yet entirely grounded in reality.

It has served me tremendously and I wish the same for anyone who feels called to this work!”


“I feel myself softening. My mind is starting to bow to my heart and I’m having a different experience of compassion towards myself….”

“Jesua is an impeccable teacher and guide for anyone looking to further their devotion to what is true.

She is firm yet humble in her teachings and has helped me to get honest about the addictive patterns and beliefs that have held me back in my life…”

“The assignments rocked my world! An amazing opportunity to reflect on what I hadn’t wanted to reveal myself, in service of opening to greater honesty and integrity within..

My relationship with myself changed through this quality of truthtelling.” 

Course Details

Regularly Scheduled Group Mentoring with Jesua*

Our Sunday Zoom meetings will follow the curriculum outlined below, while allowing for what’s present and alive in the space to guide us. This will be an intimate group of profound women. These potent dialogues will be a place to share our yearning, our questions, our prayers, our self-honesty, our stillness, our surrender.

Additional Monthly Group Mentoring*

These will be public, dynamic meetings, including participants new and old; a place to bring our burning questions and our reports; and to simply be nourished by the sweet privilege of meeting with Sangha in our collective love for Truth.

*All Group Meetings will be recorded in case you aren’t able to attend live.

Inspiring Assignments and Videos

Six carefully crafted modules will provide you with an elegantly designed and provocative course curriculum, wherein each lesson builds upon the last.

You will receive weekly written transmissions, spiritual inquiries, optional writing assignments, and a plethora of instructional videos, that allow you to take this work as deeply as you wish.

Private Facebook Community Group

Share your daily insights, breakthroughs and revelations. Let yourself be seen, witnessed, held, celebrated and supported.

Full Day Online Retreat 

Half way through our course, on a Sunday, specific date TBD, we will have a full-day retreat. This day will include three 2 hour meetings, including juicy inquiries, meditations, prayer and silence.

Private 1:1 Mentoring with Jesua  

Our three private 1:1 mentoring sessions will allow us to dive in to the unique and specific ways these teachings are relevant for you at this time. I’m honored to tend to however you are calling for additional support, deepening, and ripening.

For those of you who wish to receive more intensive support, holding, mirroring and tracking during this course, you are welcome to purchase additional sessions at a discounted rate, as my schedule allows.

All Private Sessions Can be Recorded.  


SOVEREIGN: Choosing a Marriage to Truth, plus 3 Private Sessions           $4200

Payment Plan Option: 4 Payments of $1050

Interested?? Let's Set up a 20 min discovery Call!

Because this course is limited to only 12 women, I will be meeting applicants first, so we can connect

and make sure it’s a good fit…   

SOVEREIGN: Choosing a Marriage to Truth

  • Ongoing connection with sacred companionship and guidance.
  • Access to a consistent current of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement.
  • Fiercely compassionate mirroring in service of true transformation.
  • A safe space that encourages refreshing transparency and truth-telling.
  • An invitation to choose a life-changing, liberating perspective that can unburden and unbind.

Hear a Description of The Course Curriculum…



  • Honoring the voice of Truth within; empowering the one within us who hears and sees and feels and knows what is true.
  • Courageous Self-honesty; laying down the power of Self-deceit.
  • What do we lose and what do we gain in our willingness to be true at all costs?
  • Holy discernment as it relates to living a life of uncompromising self-respect.
  • Exposing our unique patterns of Self-sabotage and Self-betrayal.

Weeks 3-4: Sobriety

  • What does it mean to both embody and choose emotional and relational sobriety?
  • Meeting death of all our fantasies about life, relationship, future.
  • How are we addicted to drama~ our own, or others, or that of the worlds?
  • How are we addicted to habituated patterns of suffering?
  • What does it mean to “burn cleanly”?
  • As we recognize and take responsibility for how it is that we exacerbate our own suffering, we learn to keep vigil at the flame of emotional sobriety. This is a huge key to freedom!

Weeks 5-6: Vigilance

  • Vigilance as an expression of Self-Respect.
  • How Presence & Choice & Devotion are inseparable from vigilance.
  • Vigilance as the daily means by which we are faithful in our marriage to Truth.
  • The Art of Minding our Own Business
  • When it comes to trigger and reactivity; practical tools for honing our vigilance.
  • Vigilance as a tending to the flame of what we love the most.

Weeks 7-8: Equanimity

  • Stillness: Meeting the Spiritual “Burn” of Not Moving
  • Equanimity: Sobriety 2.0
  • Identifying our unique Pendulum of Self-fascination, and discovering the still-point of equanimity at the fulcrum.
  • What do we surrender at the door, as we choose equanimity?
  • Delving Deeper ino Inflation & Deflation 
  • Emotional Sobriety vs. Spiritual Bypass

 Weeks 9-10: Devotion

  • Embracing a devotional marriage to Truth.
  • The vulnerability and yearning inherent in devotion.
  • Deepening in our love affair with prayer.
  • The roles of Surrender and Faith in Devotion. 
  • Devotion as Humility and Right Relationship.
  • Being fully claimed by what we Love.
  • Shadows and blind-spots of devotion.

Weeks 11-12: Self-Love

  • Vigilance of Self-love: Practice and Presence
  • Intimacy with unique patterns of Self-loathing.
  • Skillful listening: overhearing ourselves in negative self-talk.
  • Self-Love in a way that includes all of life.
  • Learning how to bless ourselves. 
  • Self-love and Vanity
  • Dharma-bells for Self-compassion.

Listen to The Voices of Sovereign Graduates…. 

Interested?? Let's Set up a 20 min discovery Call!

Because this course is limited to only 12 women, I will be meeting applicants first, so we can connect

and make sure it’s a good fit…   

SOVEREIGN: Choosing a Marriage to Truth

  • Whole, true and free unto oneself
  • Anchoring holy discernment
  • Exposing self-sabotage and self-betrayal
  • Opening to what’s here (no matter how uncomfortable)
  • Cultivating unmoving presence
  • Overhearing negative self-talk
  • Dharma-bells for self-compassion
  • Self-responsibility & self-respect
  • Emotional sobriety vs. spiritual bypass/avoidance
  • Surrendering the reins to what’s holding it all

“Beyond the pendulum swing from disappointment to prayer, from frustration to revelation; beyond the poignant lessons of mistake and resolve, the continuous poetry of ache and relief, beyond the story of self-fascination—there is a gateway.

In any given moment, we can stop all our habituated maneuvering, all our scrambling to avoid and to accomplish, and step through the gateway of equanimity. We can come home, once again, to the astonishing simplicity of stillness, the breathtaking sobriety of self-love.

I meet you here!”

“When we are no longer looking to life, or to others, or to our work, or to ‘enlightenment’ to give us whatever it is we imagine we are missing, then we can serve as a beacon of what’s already whole, already found, already home within us all. “

“Vigilance is our return to the flame of our deeper intent—to come home, to rest, to belong to ourselves, to be claimed by love.”