Dear One, I’m so glad you found your way here.

I look forward to discovering with you whatever ways might be most aligned for us to connect and co-create transformation.

What did you come to learn, to say, to give, to live, to serve? And what is the medicine you have come to make?

I’m here to help you to courageously face everything you believe is in the way of that—and to genuinely embrace everything about yourself that you may have denied, rejected, or even hated, until now.

The battle can be over.

The search for how to fix what’s broken and improve what isn’t good enough can come to a graceful end. Forgiveness can be  generously chosen, and gratitude can become your everyday experience. 

And it’s time, my friend, because there is a treasure, waiting for you, hidden inside your very own heart.

And because our world is truly thirsty for YOU, and the  gifts only you can bring!! 

Work With Me

On Line Programs: (Coming Early 2020!) 

I am currently developing some beautiful, potent ways of working together through revolutionary, catalytic on-line courses and longer mentorship programs designed to meet you where you are, and nurture your soul’s evolution.

I’m truly excited to share these courses with you! They reflect over two decades worth of wisdom and in depth experience working with people in fierce devotion to liberation and self-actualization.

These programs will be ready to launch by January 2020. Please join my mailing list if you’d like to receive updates. 

Evolutionary Mentoring: 

I always try and leave a couple spots open in my schedule for people who are wanting to engage in 1:1 catalytic healing growth work over phone or zoom.

I offer an initial complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to make sure it feels mutually aligned and resonant for us to work together.  Contact me here to schedule your 15 minute complimentary call. 

If it feels right to both of us to move forward, then we schedule an initial 60 or 90 minute exploratory session.

Sacred Intensive:

This is a custom 1-5 day container designed for an individual, couple, or family who wishes to come to my home temple in Ashland, Oregon where I live, and engage in a potent exploration of evolution, awakening and healing.

In these intensives, I sometimes work alongside an incredible team of bodyworkers, priestesses and healers to co-create a truly transformational experience specifically designed to address your burning questions, growing edges and desires.

Using the immeasurable power of prayer, satsang, and shamanic support, this is an incredible way to awaken, heal and reclaim our true selves. This way of meeting provides a safe container and holy chunk of time to go deep within, so we might discover and powerfully choose the insights, directives and life-changing visions our hearts and souls are calling for. Apply Here. 


Making Medicine 

When I refer to “making medicine,” I’m referring to the process by which we alchemize challenge into something that can be of service.

To make medicine of difficulty requires us to rise above our hurt and our righteous stance long enough to allow a deeper insight to occur; one that brings peace and clarity to what previously knew only pain.

Making medicine of our lives allows us to transform our fear into love, and our wounds into sources of power, healing, and compassion.

The great opportunity we have in these human lifetimes as I see it, is to realize how to make medicine of what has broken us; how to allow our suffering to transform into the very treasure we came to give. 

                                       Asking The Essential Questions:

Life asks a tremendous amount of our hearts.   Life asks us to consider:

What in this moment of our lives remains unlived?  What have we been postponing?  What thanks remain unspoken? What parts remain unreconciled or unloved? What remains in the shadow of shame and unworthiness? What will it take to come all the way home to loving ourselves?

Perhaps it is self-doubt that holds us back; a fear of inadequacy or unworthiness; some shameful sense that what we have to give is not good enough? Or perhaps it is some other story of financial or circumstantial constraint.

Whatever it is, whatever apparent obstacle, when brought to the light, holds the key to our freedom.

                                                   Deep Inquiry

My approach begins with deep inquiry~ into what’s present and current for you, the powerful gifts you carry, the tender challenges you work with, your deepest fears and doubts, your clearest yearning and vision for your life. Together we will honestly open to how this connection might best serve to catalyze your deepening path of healing, awakening, and service.

When we receive true support for meeting within us that which we have habitually resisted meeting, profound release, self-embrace and radical life-transformation can occur. When we are finally willing to tell the truth about what we most desire, and courageously embrace the layers of  self-honesty and surrender required to give ourselves whatever that is, we get to come HOME  to this very moment, just as we are, freshly available to living the life we were born to live. 

You are the healer and I serve as a mirror,  reflecting your own innate wisdom in bringing yourself exactly what you are most essentially needing. 


“Life asks us to get utterly messy in the vulnerability of our loving, to get ruthlessly familiar with loss, to become masterful grievers, and to learn the valorous art of forgiveness. Life invites us to discover that resiliency has everything to do with realizing that we are LOVE, and that nothing is too much for love to bear. ” ~ Jesua Wight


Embody Love

What does it mean to serve this love?

To me, at the simplest level it means to get out of the way of love.

It means that through all the tests and trials life continues to bring, I keep vigil at the flame of love.

It means even though I am committed to not losing sight of love in the most difficult moments, I stay curious about the ways I do betray or defend against love.

It means that when I fail to live as love, I then stretch to let love include the pain of my failure.

It means I pay close attention to the ways life wants to school me in self-compassion and self-respect, empathy, gratitude, and forgiveness.

I have come in service of you and your service.

I am here to affirm what you already know in your heart of hearts.

I have come to kindle that flame of resilience within you, to fan the fire of your wonder and your fortitude, and to nurture your resolve for freedom within yourself and in our world. 

Always it is my deep honor to meet you here, in the courage and the challenge, the heartache and the devotion these times invoke in us. 

I welcome you to come closer, to reach out and connect in whatever way you are moved to! 

~*~ Jesua            

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