I’m here to support you

in choosing

the simplicity of presence, the truth

of stillness, and the sobriety

of self-love.


Soul Mentoring 

  • Breaking the Spell of Self-betrayal
  • Courageous Self-inquiry
  • Cultivating Self-honesty, Self-Respect, & Self-love 
  • Emotional/Mental Sobriety, Stillness  & Equanimity
  • Healing of Personal, Familial & Collective Trauma
  • Learning How to Make Medicine of it All
  • Teachings of Forgiveness & Freedom

Our work together illuminates your capacity to turn towards anything and everything that appears to stand in the way of peace, freedom, and lasting self-love. 


Turning Towards It

It’s amazing how much Silence can take care of, if only we give it...

Making Medicine of Contempt; Teachings in Self-Forgiveness

In the past few years, I have experienced the painful intensity of...

Tending to Our Personal & Collective Heartache

I’ve been especially struck lately by where my personal grief,...

“When we are no longer looking to life, or to others, or to our work, or to ‘enlightenment’ to give us whatever it is we imagine we are missing, then we can serve as a beacon of what’s already whole, already found, already home within us all. 

“Vigilance is our return to the flame of our deeper intent—to come home, to rest, to belong to ourselves, to be claimed by love.



Here, without a single thought, or duty or shred of significance— we are enough, we are worthy, we are sacred, and we belong.”


Ceremonial Immersions & Retreats

Sometimes what’s called for is more than what can be accomplished in a single session. Sometimes what’s yearned for is an in-depth immersion, an opportunity to retreat fully from the thrust and demands of our daily lives, from the many identities and roles we maintain.

Jesua brings decades of experience as a skilled counselor, spiritual mentor, medicine woman, and ceremonialist towards co-creating a retreat specifically designed to address whatever burning questions, growing edges, intentions and desires are most present within you, your family, or group.

Using the immeasurable power of prayer, satsang, silence interwoven with music, holy sacraments, and shamanic energy medicine, this kind of intensive beckons next-level coherence, self-honesty, self-intimacy, awakening, and evolution.

“Jesua’s presence is a testimonial in itself. In dedicating her life to love, to truth, to awakening, she is the walking, breathing, giving extension of that commitment.

When she shines her light on you, you know you have been seen in the truth of your being.

Toni, intuitive, teacher & poet, Fort Bragg, CA

“When I am looking for sober clarity and sweet inspiration, I turn to Jesua.

She breaks open my heart; illuminating how every moment, no matter how difficult, is fodder for growth, part of our holy human curriculum.

Jesua is a teacher for this modern era, a guide for these troubling times when we must ask ourselves how to live an awakened life in the midst of so much that seems to be going wrong.”

—Sylvia Benito, wealth manager, author and medicine woman, Miami, FL


“Jesua is a truly extraordinary woman a bright shining star, leading the way Home. She teaches as she lives: with clarity, intelligence, heart and humor…”

— Gangaji, world-renowned spiritual teacher and author

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Righteous Self-Love is Worth Aging For!

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From Mother to Mother: A Lovenote

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