The Forgiveness Course


Receive the Forgiveness Module as a Mini Master Class! 

Including a generous handful of inspiring videos, provocative writing assignments and transmissions! 

  • From Grievance & Remorse to Freedom & Resolve
  • Discover the Five Steps of Forgiveness
  • The Trap of “The Perfect Outcome”
  • Forgiveness as Miracle; Forgiveness as Grace
  • Why Willingness is the Most Important 
  • Self-Forgiveness is The Key 
  • Forgiving the Unforgivable 


What Master Class Partcipants Are Saying…

“This course is fundamental for anyone longing to do a deep dive into relinquishing what no longer serves….

After weeks of being immersed in these teachings, I’m learning to live at the fulcrum of stillness and equanimity, and to surrender…”

“Being in Jesua’s presence, is itself, a transmission. Her guidance has been absolutely vital in my healing and awakening journey.”

SOVEREIGN is a sacred journey, artfully crafted to reveal the inner workings of your mind as well as the deepest longings of your Soul….”

“Each video is a captivating transmission sourced from a strong well of wisdom.”

“Jesua’s loving and skillful support through group meetings and private sessions invites you even closer toward Truth,

offering a safe space to be witnessed and guided on your individual quest while supporting and connecting with others on theirs…”

“SOVEREIGN is unlike any other online offering, it is very magical, profoundly personal, and yet entirely grounded in reality.

It has served me tremendously and I wish the same for anyone who feels called to this work!”


“I feel myself softening. My mind is starting to bow to my heart and I’m having a different experience of compassion towards myself….”

“Jesua is an impeccable teacher and guide for anyone looking to further their devotion to what is true.

She is firm yet humble in her teachings and has helped me to get honest about the addictive patterns and beliefs that have held me back in my life…”

“The assignments rocked my world! An amazing opportunity to reflect on what I hadn’t wanted to reveal myself, in service of opening to greater honesty and integrity within..

My relationship with myself changed through this quality of truthtelling.” 

A Clip from The Forgiveness Course

“Beyond the pendulum swing from disappointment to prayer, from frustration to revelation; beyond the poignant lessons of mistake and resolve, the continuous poetry of ache and relief, beyond the story of self-fascination—there is a gateway.

In any given moment, we can stop all our habituated maneuvering, all our scrambling to avoid and to accomplish, and step through the gateway of equanimity. We can come home, once again, to the astonishing simplicity of stillness, the breathtaking sobriety of self-love.

I meet you here!”

“When we are no longer looking to life, or to others, or to our work, or to ‘enlightenment’ to give us whatever it is we imagine we are missing, then we can serve as a beacon of what’s already whole, already found, already home within us all. “

“Vigilance is our return to the flame of our deeper intent—to come home, to rest, to belong to ourselves, to be claimed by love.”