Private Mentoring

“There is a precious sanity that comes alongside our gratitude for all that life includes.

What a relief it is when we recognize that our gratitude need not replace our grief. The two can come together like two palms in a prayer.”

Evolutionary Private Mentoring

Currently, I have a few openings in my schedule for people who are wanting to engage in a 1:1 catalytic healing growth  container, either in person at my home temple in Ashland, or most commonly through working together long distance by phone or zoom. If my private mentoring practice is full, I’m happy to put you on a waitlist.

I offer an initial complimentary 15-20 minute phone consultation to make sure it feels mutually aligned and resonant for us to work together.   Contact me here to schedule your initiatory consultation.

If it feels right to both of us to move forward, then we schedule an initial 60 or 90 minute exploratory session.

I am available for one-time sessions, but more commonly the most powerful way to engage in this work is through a committed series of 6-12 sessions. 

Asking The Essential Questions:

Life asks a tremendous amount of our hearts.   Life asks us to consider:

What in this moment of our lives remains unlived?  What have we been postponing?  What thanks remain unspoken? What parts remain unreconciled or unloved? What remains in the shadow of shame and unworthiness? What will it take to come all the way home to loving ourselves?

Perhaps it is old trauma or wounding that seems to hold us back. Or maybe it is self-doubt; some fear of inadequacy or unworthiness; some shameful sense that what we have to give, or who we essentially ARE, is just not good enough? Or perhaps it is some other story of financial or circumstantial constraint.

Whatever it is, whatever apparent obstacle, when brought to the light, holds the key to our freedom.

Deep, True Inquiry:

My approach begins with deep inquiry– into what’s present and current for you, the powerful gifts you carry, the tender challenges you work with, your deepest fears and doubts, your clearest yearning and vision for your life.

Together we will open to how this connection between us might best serve to catalyze your evolving path of healing, awakening, and service.

When we receive true support for meeting within us that which we have habitually resisted meeting, profound release, self-embrace and radical life-transformation can occur.

When we are finally willing to tell the truth about what we most desire, and whatever it is we perceive to be in the way of that,  we get to come HOME  to this very moment, just as we are, freshly available to living the life we were born to live. 

You are the healer and I serve as a mirror, reflecting your own innate wisdom in bringing yourself exactly what you are most essentially needing. 

“Being in Jesua’s presence, is itself, a transmission. Her guidance has been absolutely vital in my healing and awakening journey. Over and over again, Jesua has gently turned my wounded or judgmental perspective back to love.

She meets me with fierce, sacred presence, and I learn to meet myself through this. Jesua has guided me home to my true self, and helped to illuminate my highest path of service in the world.”

—Amanda,  psychotherapist, wilderness guide and earth wisdom teacher, Asheville, NC 


Jesua emanates pure and unconditional love, holding sacred space for deep healing and transformation to occur.  She speaks and lives her truth, guiding and encouraging me to do the same. 

Her inquires have allowed me to see and discover my own truth, to listen and hear the guidance of my own true voice. “

~Tamara, hospice nurse, Mill Valley, CA

“Time and time again, Jesua clearly reflects the deepest most true self that I took birth to live and love.

Jesua’s medicine is of remembering and of lifting the veils that shroud the wisdom we all carry. She is a warrioress of truth and I am immensely grateful to have her on my team.”

—Lauren,  somatic therapist and musician, Sebastopol, CA