“Always there is an invitation to dive in and land more deeply in ourselves; to come home more fully to our place in this world, with all our human brokenness and wholeness intermingled.

Ceremonial Immersions

This is a custom 1-5 day container designed for an individual, couple, family, or corporate group who wishes to come together, at a mutually agreed upon location, to engage co-creatively in a potent exploration of evolution, awakening, and healing.

This is an extraordinary chance to co-design a truly transformational container designed to dynamically address whatever burning questions, growing edges, and sacred desires are most present within you, your family or group.

Using the immeasurable power of prayer, Satsang, holy sacraments, and shamanic energy medicine, this kind of intensive beckons next-level coherence, self-honesty, connection, and multi-dimensional healing. 

This way of meeting provides a safe container and a holy chunk of time to go deep within, so we might discover and powerfully choose the insights, directives and life-changing visions our hearts and souls are calling for.